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Booth construction for small and medium-sizes enterprises

More thand 25 years of know-how

We are absolutely aware of our region’s innovative strength and power – and we transfer both to the European trade fair hotspots. This concept pays off particularly for you, since we march to the same beat and design your fair presentation as a guaranteed success with high recognition value!

Check it out!

+49 5425 9410-0


mediafarm tills their fields between southern Lower Saxony and East-Westphalia. Many great companies with tradition shape a diversified economic landscape. Our know-how is thus not limited to exact planning and performance or the use of cutting-edge technology, but furthermore includes a deep understanding for our region’s values, companies and target groups. It has always been our aspiration to reflect exactly this in our booths and show it to the world: Look at us! This brand or product innovation is from Münsterland, Bielefeld, Osnabrück or the Emsland.


Whether mechanical engineering, food or fashion industry: We design your fair presentation as a platform for success with high recognition value at national and international trade shows. Talking about the latest presentation forms and techniques we like to ride ahead. In return, we keep a sense of proportion of prices – we make the most out of your budget.

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